Awards Evenings and Fundraisers

Corvus Cornix

Basketball Club



Corvus hold an annual Fundraising Match to help the Club move forward and to help with the day to day running of the club. It usually takes place at the end of the season around March or April. Traditionally it is between the Corvus coaches/Legends and the current Under 17 squad. As well as the entertaining basketball, we hold a raffle, cake sale and run sweepstakes on the match. We now hold the presentations for the season after the match.

2015/16 Awards


Players Player - Patryk Przewozny


Most Improved - Theo Rutherford


Coaches Player - Lawrie Brewster


Volunteer of the Year - Scott Ingrey


Club Personality - Ashley Judge

2013/2014 Awards Evening


Volunteer awards to Scott Batchelor, Charlie Stimson, Leah Parcell and Zac Conley.


Volunteer of the year- Zac Conley.


Micro player of the season- Jack Beasley.


Mini player of the season- Max Gage.


Junior player of the season and players player of the season- Ryan Judge.


Most improved players- Zac Conley and Lewis Wilson.


Club Personality of the year- Leah Parcell. Well done to all the winners and thank you to everyone who came.


2012-2013 Awards Evening


Volunteer awards to Zac Conley, Charlie Stimson and Leah Parcell


Volunteer of the year- Richard Pallant


Micro Player of the year- Justas Skirius


Mini Players of the year: Erwann Harrison and Joe Jenkins


Junior Player of the year: Matt Davis


Junior Most Improved Player: Guy Curtis


Seniors Player of the year: Robert Barry Hall


Here are the winners for 2011-2012:


Sports Leaders volunteers awards to Eleanor Bishop, Jamie Stimson, Charlie Stimson, and Anna Worsey.


Micro player of the season Madison Lawrence


Mini players of the season; Elliot McClean and Dina Parcell


Juniors Player of the season Matt Davis


Juniors Players Player of the season Sam Robinson


Juniors Most Improved player Ollie Shepherd


Volunteer of the year Richard Pallant


Club personality of the year Terry Graves




2011-2012 award winnersVolunteer awards to: Eleanor Bishop, Jamie Stimson, Anna Worsey and Josh Conley.


Volunteer of the Year award: Josh Conley


Mini Basketball Players of the year: Lydia Bishop and Max Reader


Junior’s Players of the year: Eleanor Bishop and Matthew Davis

Senior’s Player of the Year: Lewis Harvey

Women’s Player of the Year: Caroline Biddlecombe

Junior’s Player’s Player of the Year

Sam Robinson


Corvus Cornix Basketball Clubs Personality of the Year Richard Pallant